The Bamboo Eater
College Park’s Premiere Smoking Emporium


Commercial Humidors Stocked with over 500 Different Fine Cigars Across a Variety of Established Brands

Glass Tobacco Products

Glass Pipes, Bubblers, One-Hitters, Water Pipes, Ash Catchers, Down Stems, Slides, Concentrate Water Pipes, Nails, Drop Downs, Dabber Tools, Nectar Collectors

Cartridge Batteries & Vaporizers

Batteries for Pre-Filled Cartridges, Concentrate Vaporizers, & Dry Tobacco Vaporizers


Carefully Coordinated Selection of State and Federally Legal and Compliant Industrial Hemp Products

E-Liquid, Juul, & Vape Accessories

E-Liquid Vape Kits, Batteries, Coils, Tanks, & Vape Juice in a Wide Variety of Flavors & Nicotine Strengths

Hookahs & Shisha Tobacco

Mya Hookahs, Accessories, Coals, & Shisha Tobacco in a Variety of Brands and Flavors


Smoking Accessories

Grinders, Rolling Trays, Rolling Machines, Dugouts, Cigarette Bats, Ozium, Incense, Ashtrays, Hemp Wicks, Metal & Wood Pipes, Silicone Pipes & Water Pipes, Silicone Jars, Air Tight Storage Jars, Pipe Bags & Cases